Getting your Little One to Sleep - Mothers’ Tips

How often have you heard the phrase ‘Enjoy your sleep now while you can’ or ‘Make the most of your lie-ins because you won’t be getting any of those when your little one arrives?’

All too often mums and dads are told about the lack of sleep that is going to ensue once their little bundle of joy arrives. We understand that it can be difficult, especially in those first few days and weeks when you’re not only settling in to your new little family but trying to get to grips with a new routine too.

So we thought we would ask our mums to share their top tips and tricks for getting their little ones to sleep. Here are some of our favourites:

  • “Wait until they are tired before trying to put them to bed. No point trying to fight your child to bed at 7 if they just aren’t tired. We give him a teddy and a blanket so he feels safe and he waves bye bye to us and that’s it then until after 7am the next day.”
    Eden Aspinall
  • “Use ewan the dream sheep, we have used it since my baby was born and I only have to switch it on and he knows that means sleep time, works for naps in the daytime and at night time.”
    Jenny Murray
  • “A lavender bath followed by a dim lit room and warm milk with gentle humming. Always seems to work.”
    Chloé Elizabeth Kevan
  • “Breastfeeding always works. Also at bedtime a mobile with projector and soothing music!”
    Emma Brown
  • “Best advice I can give is get a bedtime routine and stick to it. We always did bath, milk, story”
    Chantelle Hazelden
  • “Breastfeeding and lots of cuddles. Nice warm bath. Watch out for cues they’re getting tired, I have found out that if I miss these with my little girl it then takes longer to get her to sleep. If all else fails a walk in the buggy!”
    Susan Brotherston
  • “I used a white noise app on my iPod for my second son when he was a little baby. It helped him drift off to sleep especially if he was stirring in the night.”
    Becky Robinson
  • “I guess my advice would be to show your child they are safe and secure and you are there for them. Put them to bed when you are both calm and relaxed, babies pick up on tensions and if you’re anxious your baby will feel that. My son is two years old and has slept through from three weeks old, no tricks just cuddles and positivity.”
    Vanessa Whittingham
  • “Definitely recommend a routine. We do bath, last milk feed and if she hasn’t fallen asleep on the boob then a cuddle.”
    Susan Brotherston
  • “Stroking head works for my little one. Although white noise was perfect during the newborn stage.”
    Hannah King
  • “Routine without fail with all three of mine from about two weeks, bath before bed every night. Bath with Johnson’s bedtime, then a massage with bedtime cream, then bedtime talcum powder, a feed and then to bed. I try very hard to keep to this even if we’re not at home.”
    Clare Mathias
  • “I spray homemade lavender aromatherapy pillow spray about half an hour before bedtime.
    Breastfeed, a little cuddle, put baby down awake and the spray soothes her to sleep.”
    Le-anne Potter