Spring is Here | 5 Fun Things to Do in the New Season!

Those first days of spring are always so hopeful, buds pushing through the ground, the days getting that little bit longer, and the arrival of Easter chocolate in the shops! We’ve pulled together some of our favourite fun things to do to celebrate the changing of the seasons! 

The cold nights and short days of winter are coming to an end, and the beautiful new life of spring is on its way! Here at Medela, we wanted to celebrate the changing of the seasons with 5 positive things to do now spring has officially sprung!


New Life

Whether it’s lambs in the fields, daffodil bulbs emerging or your newborn baby, there’s something so special about new life coming in the world! 

The new season brings with it such a feeling of hope. Whether you are looking forward to the birth of your baby or just seeing the sunshine for a few extra hours a day, there is so much to feel positive about now we are entering the spring months. 

Whether you have a little one already or you are blooming yourself (just like the daffodils!) we know the spring feeling will give you so much to feel positive about! 

Lighter Days

Spring means lighter days are coming with the clocks going forward on the 28th March. Why not make the most of the extra hours of sunlight by making some time for self-care? You could start by going for a walk in the evening (finally wearing fewer layers!) or meeting a friend for a stroll in the park. Just be mindful of those April showers and always pack a brolly or a waterproof!

Delicious Food!

Hot cross buns, Easter eggs, chocolate nests, the list of yummy Easter treats goes on and on! If you are expecting, take full advantage of eating for two and indulge in some hot buttered buns for breakfast, or enjoy your favourite chocolate treat, all in the name of celebrating spring!

A great activity if you have a tiny pair of hands eager to get involved, why not get baking to make the most of the seasonal treats? A slice of cake on a sunny spring afternoon? Yes please! 

Get Outside 

With longer days comes warmer weather and that lots more opportunities to spend time outside. Soak up the spring sunshine, and why not breastfeeding your little one outside? Choose a nice sunny spot in the middle of the day, and let baby enjoy hearing the chirping birds and seeing the bright colours! The fresh air will be a welcome change for you both.

If you have a garden, now is the time to get your green fingers going! There is nothing more mindful than spending an hour outdoors cutting back your garden to make way for the new growth. Hopefully your spring bulbs will be appearing now too, so there will be so much colour and beauty to enjoy in the great outdoors!

New to gardening? Why not pop a packet of seeds on your next weekly shop and try growing some blooms from scratch! A rewarding activity that can be enjoyed by little ones too as they wait to see the seedlings pop out of the soil, or something to keep you occupied if you are waiting for your new arrival, it is a cheap but cheerful activity to get stuck into this spring. 

Spring Cleaning

Forget the days of never-ending cleaning feeling like a negative chore, we’re talking about having a good reshuffle and refresh of your bursting cupboards either to get ready for your new arrival or just to get ready for the new season! It’s a great time to tackle the bags you never got around to taking to the charity shop or finally emptying ‘that’ drawer of bits and bobs. 

Spending a little time getting your house ready for baby or getting organised with baby’s nursery can be a great way to spend some time this spring if you’re expecting a new arrival this year. Take advantage of the warmer weather to air laundry outside and enjoy the freshness of feeling prepared and on top of things! Getting things in order may inspire you to start thinking about nursery décor, name ideas or planning for bringing baby home.

Having a good shift around at home, trying new layouts or hanging some new artwork really helps to bring the freshness of the new season indoors too! 


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