You’re Expecting! Expert Advice and Real Mum Tips On The Journey Ahead

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is an exciting time for any mama-to-be, but it’s also likely to be a nervous time also. You’re bound to have questions on how your body will change, what to expect from the different trimesters, and also how to make the most of this special time. We’ve brought together expert advice as well as tips from our Medela Mums community on what to expect when you’re expecting!

Having a baby is a whirlwind of emotions, from excitement to nervousness, and back again! But finding out you’re expecting also means you’re bound to have questions. Here at Medela, we know that your breastfeeding journey starts 9 months before you welcome your baby, as your body gets ready for the life to come! Your body is capable of amazing things, and we’d love to help you answer some of your questions and concerns you might have about being pregnant in an ever-changing world.

What should I ask at my first midwife appointment?

Whether over the phone or in person, that all-important first midwife appointment is a real milestone. If this is your first baby, it can be hard to know what to ask, and if baby brain takes over you may leave wishing you’d asked more! You can find our suggestions for those must-ask questions here.

Do I have to stop excercising?

If you lead a very active lifestyle, becoming pregnant may make you concerned about carrying on with your regular routine. We spoke to Dr Joanna Helcke, a multi-award winning specialist in pregnancy and post-natal fitness, who has lots of experience in coaching women through pregnancy, and her advice on continuing to exercise is well worth a read.

What will my boobs look like during my pregnancy?

For some women, noticing changes in their breasts is one of the first signs that they are pregnant, as they become hypersensitive and fuller. However did you know your breasts continue changing throughout pregnancy, right up until you give birth! You can learn more here.

What should I expect from breastfeeding my first baby?

Breastfeeding can be a daunting prospect, especially if this is going to be your first experience of it, but our website is full of advice and support from both experts, as well as real mums. With articles on everything from expressing to what to eat and wear whilst you’re breastfeeding, why not take a browse?

If you’re becoming a mum in 2021, your pregnancy journey is bound to have been anything but normal, with COVID-19 restrictions playing a huge part in what you can and can’t do. It’s so important to us here at Medela that mums don’t feel left out of the conversation, and know that there is support available to them, albeit virtually!

We asked our Medela Mums community…

What one piece of advice would you give to someone about to become a Mama for the first time? 

“You have to do what feels right for you throughout your pregnancy” – Elizabeth from Instagram

“You will worry so much and it’ll be over before you know it!” – Leah from Instagram

“It’s okay not to always feel happy or excited about being pregnant” – April from Instagram

“Turning over in bed gets very uncomfortable with a big bump!” – Sheena from Instagram

“Take all the bump pictures, you’ll miss it when they’re here!” – Saffa from Instagram

“Trust yourself and your body. You know your body best, if something doesn’t feel right, tell a healthcare professional.” – Rhiannan from Instagram

What’s been the best thing about having a baby during a pandemic?

“My mum who lives abroad sending me care packages!” – Aoife from Instagram

“Having time at home to establish breastfeeding without being interrupted by visitors” – Sheena from Instagram

“Speaking to other mums/pregnant women, even virtually!” – Leah from Instagram

“Going for that daily walk to help clear your head” – Chloe from Instagram

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