Happy Father’s Day! Your Little ones Share Their Messages to Their New Dads This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, we wanted to celebrate all the new dads, so we asked our lovely community – if your little one could speak, what would they say to their daddy? We loved all of your responses so much, we’ve shared them below!

Kim from Facebook – “My little one would say ‘Daddy I love it when you’re silly and make me laugh!”.

Daddies are good at doing that aren’t they Kim!

Hayley from Instagram – “She’d thank him for taking on literally everything house-wise (even the cooking which he hates!) so that her mama can focus on feeding her and resting. Oh and for making her feel safe with his cuddles!”

Wow Hayley sounds like your little one’s dad is doing a fantastic job!

Tori from Facebook – “I think my little boy would say thank you for bringing me to my mummy every time I call for her in the night”.

Daddy delivery service operates 24/7 Tori!

Nicola from Instagram – “She’d say thank you for being so patient and caring and working so well as a team! Thank you for bringing mummy snacks and holding me close to give her a break during the early feeding days. For keeping a calm head and always being a warm, squidgy pillow for me!”

Aww Nicola, everyone needs a daddy like your little one has!

Gill from Instagram –

“Dear Daddy,

You’re the best at bringing snacks,

When mummy is feeding and it’s a biscuit she lacks,

You change my nappy when I’ve done a poop or a wee,

And when I wake up in the night you always come and get me,

Such support mummy needed from the beginning,

You were always there through the pain but now we are winning,

I’m a chunky monkey now but from a bottle I won’t sip,

Mummy’s boob is all I want so you often get my bottom lip,

I love my snuggles with daddy, you really are the best,

But sorry…most of the time all I want is breast!”

Well Gill, your little one certainly has a flair for poetry at such a young age!


Thank you so much for sharing your messages, there’s still time to share yours on our Facebook and Instagram ahead of the celebrations this Sunday!