Happy Mothers Day!

We’d like to wish a very Happy Mothers Day to all our lovely mums and mums-to-be. Becoming a parent can be exhausting, worrying and stressful. You are constantly learning as you go and as a breastfeeding mum, you will probably spend the first few days and weeks feeding, feeding and more feeding. Being a mum is a full time role and although time will fly by, we want to take a moment to say, make the most of this special time and congratulate yourself every now and again because…you are amazing!
Happy Mothers Day!

There are lots of top tips and facts online to help you prepare for motherhood, here are just a few of our favourites…

  1. Trust your Instincts. You know your baby and you know what is best for them.
  2. The first month is truly hard as you adjust to your new little family
  3. It is ok to admit that you need a little help. Being a mum is hard and family and friends will be more than happy to offer a helping hand – you need your rest too!
  4. Take lots of photos! Time flies by so quickly and you’ll love looking back at all those special memories of the first few days, weeks and months with your little one.
  5. It is ok to be tired all the time. You may feel that you’ll never sleep again, but you will and you will get used to the interrupted and lack of sleep!
  6. The washing, ironing, washing-up and general tidying can wait
  7. You will worry all the time
  8. Your relationship with your partner will change and become stronger as you adjust to this life change!
  9. Breastfeeding can be hard, but if you get through those first few days and weeks you’ll soon be fine and won’t give feeding a second thought
  10. Be proud of yourself, you’re doing a wonderful job – enjoy this special time!

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