Our Heartfelt Thank You to the Amazing Mamas Supporting Communities Across the UK

To say a huge thank you to mamas going above and beyond during the current times, we recently arranged giveaways for Swing Flex pumps, Purelan and Milk Storage Bags to breastfeeding mamas who really deserve it. Whether they were nominated or shared their own experiences, we were so overwhelmed with the amazing stories we knew we had to put them together in a blog post - so here’s to you mamas!

We wanted to give a heartfelt thank you and recognition to the amazing breastfeeding mamas who are going above and beyond during this challenging time. Hundreds of women were nominated or shared their stories, so we just wanted to share some of the fantastic experiences from our fab mamas across the UK…

Gillian from Facebook – “My friend Steph has come off maternity leave early to return to work as a nurse in ICU. Her own pump is broken and by the end of her shift, she is like Dolly Parton (her words not mine!). Baby is going to go without milk while she is away as she has no pump to feed her” – Steph won a Swing breast pump in our recent competition.

Sammie from Instagram – “I’m a first-time mum and I spend a lot of time expressing with my Medela pump whilst my bubba was in NICU. We’ve been home for 7 weeks now, and exclusively breastfeeding/expressing. It seems we’ve spent more time locked in this year than out, whether in hospital or at home! I’m looking forward to experiencing ‘normal’ mummy life when this is all over!”

Keally from Facebook – “I’m expecting baby number 2 in July, and when breastfeeding my first baby, I relied heavily on the tube of Purelan which came with my Medela pump. I had my delivery this morning of my new parts for my pump so we can be ready this time around. My partner and I got a great giggle out of me prancing about with my baby bump and pump! We all need a little pick-me-up right now, we’re both working from home and trying to entertain our 3-year-old!

Richard from Facebook – “My wife Abi is breastfeeding our 21-month-old boy. She is a dedicated mum to our very demanding two toddlers. She is kind, loyal and my best friend. She never gives up and I don’t think she realises how much she means to me and our family. She is also a qualified social worker and has been helping people on our street during the crisis.”

Jade from Instagram – “My lovely friend Lauren just had her second baby on the 5th April. I recommended she choose a Medela pump as I wouldn’t have been without mine. Lauren is from a military family and will spend many weeks now without her family and friends.”

 Amy from Instagram – “I am currently struggling to express enough with my hand pump for my baby. I am frontline NHS and working a lot more than normal, I am worried my supply is going to drop now”. – Amy won a Swing breast pump in our recent competition.

Tina from Instagram – “I have been donating my milk to a local family who cannot get their milk anywhere else, whilst still feeding my 5-month-old! My Swing is getting some use in this current climate, I’d love to win one of these”.

Thank you so much to you for your fantastic nominations, we loved reading them and hopefully spreading some positivity during these uncertain times! You can join in our online breastfeeding support community on our Facebook and Instagram pages.