The Breastfeeding Café Returns to Provide the Breast Help for Breastfeeding Mothers

Vital to any breastfeeding journey is a warm, caring and helpful support network. The first few days and weeks of breastfeeding are essential to get breastfeeding off to the best possible start, so if you do experience any challenges it is important to seek support. We’re delighted to reintroduce The Breastfeeding Café on our social media channels, where Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton, is on hand to offer expert advice and support on a weekly basis.

Mother Breastfeeding her baby with information about medela BF cafe

Following a break over the summer months, this September we’re delighted to re-launch The Breastfeeding Café on our social media channels.

Every Tuesday, we will host a LIVE Breastfeeding Café from 9am-Midday on Facebook and Instagram, where our in-house Lactation Consultant and Education Manager, Sioned Hilton, will be on hand to personally answer your breastfeeding and expressing questions.

What’s more, we will again be hosting a monthly Twilight Breastfeeding Café, the third Thursday of every month, from 7.30pm-9pm. We completely understand not all parents are available in the working day so once a month we’ll host this LIVE Twilight Breastfeeding Café too, where Sioned will be on hand to offer helpful advice and information.

With more than 20 years of experience working with breastfeeding mothers Medela’s Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton, is able to guide mums through every breastfeeding hurdle.  She’ll be helping with specific issues and advising on general breastfeeding concerns with friendly, research-based advice. The best thing of all is parents have the chance to engage with an expert on a personal level without even having to leave the comfort of home!

As a team, we’re so proud at Medela to have created a real community of breastfeeding mums on our social media channels, who truly do share and provide the breast support! We look forward to sharing expert advice with you but do hope you will pop by our pages to share your breastfeeding stories, experiences and top tips with other mums too.

The next Breastfeeding Café will take place tomorrow, 11th September from 9am-Midday.

Our first Twilight Breastfeeding Café will be held this month on Thursday 20th September from 7.30pm-9pm – don’t forget to join us!