Helping you get off to the breast start...

We are so excited that our brand new Breastfeeding Starter Kit is now available – it is the ultimate product to get all the essentials you will need in the early days – saving any panic buys when baby turns up! It is also a fantastic price for everything included making it a bargain.

Medela breastfeeding starter kit package
Medela breastfeeding starter kit

We totally understand that there are so many things to buy for a new baby that’s it is very difficult to know exactly what will truly end up being useful. As a breastfeeding mummy you won’t need loads, as you have the most important equipment... but there are a few things that can make a real difference.

Inside the Breastfeeding Starter Kit mums will find; PureLan nipple cream which is especially ideal for those first few weeks when mum feels a little tender. Lanolin cream is extremely popular with breastfeeding mums, and our in house Lactation Consultant, Sioned is always recommending it! She suggests applying it after a feed rather than before so it doesn’t alter your natural scent when baby is rooting for the breast. Think of it like a lip balm and use it as often as you need.

Mums will also find twelve disposable breastpads, which are ideal for when milk first comes in, as well as some fantastic accessories for expressing milk. The five Pump and Save bags are perfect for storing expressed milk in the fridge or freezer. Along with these there are also two breastmilk bottles with interchangeable lids, and our award-winning Calma Feeding Device especially designed for feeding expressed breastmilk. Mums who choose to express will find these items invaluable!

Last but not least, we’ve also including one of our Quick Clean Microwave bags, which can be used up to twenty times. The clever bags kill 99.9% of germs within three minutes. Breastpump parts and bottles can simply be popped inside the bag with some drinking water and then steamed in the microwave. It’s a quick, simple and great for travel too.

The new kit really does offer mum everything she needs to be prepared for her feeding experience.