Highlights from the 2019 Big Breastfeeding Café – cafes across the UK come together in support for breastfeeding mothers

Last week saw the return of The Big Breastfeeding Café 2019! Thousands of mums across the country took part in the event which saw 200 cafes across the country come together to celebrate all things breastfeeding!

The event offered vital support for breastfeeding mothers across the UK and we wanted to look back on the success of the event and share some of the many highlights from our Medela mums! 


2019 was surely Medela’s most successful Big Breastfeeding Café yet, with fantastic engagement from thousands of parents all over the country, chatting all things breastfeeding from Shetland to Cornwall! We had a fantastic day bringing cafes together in support for breastfeeding mothers.

Here are some of our highlights from this year’s event…


The wonderful Amanda Stephen, of mandsmillie, hosted a Big Breastfeeding Café at Offbroadway in Hackney, London, for over 40 breastfeeding mums.

Speaking about why she wanted to take part in the initiative, Amanda said: “ I wanted to get involved with The Big Breastfeeding Café because I think it’s so important that we normalise breastfeeding especially in public spaces. As a mother myself, I think it’s really important that all mothers are supported and don’t feel shamed or scared to breastfeed in public”.

Here are some of our highlights from this years breastfeeding event 2019

Sherie Appleton, a mum of 8 from Hampshire, held a Big Breastfeeding Café at her local Sainsbury’s in Tadley. She had 10 mums attend and was even featured on BBC South – go Sherie!

She said: “I have just started a new community group for social breastfeeding as we have no local support due to other services closing down. I heard about The Big Breastfeeding Café and thought it was a great way to host our first event!


Artisan café in Shoreham by the Sea also hosted a Big Breastfeeding Café – with little Elsie and Baxter having a fab time while their mummies enjoyed a cuppa and a cake!


This year we were thrilled to have national chain Coffee#1 take part in The Big Breastfeeding Café, and these mums in Bicester had a fab time chatting and sharing their breastfeeding stories

Speaking about being involved, a spokesperson from Coffee#1’s said: “Coffee#1 are delighted to be supporting the Big Breastfeeding Café 2019. We strive to create an inviting, inclusive space for everyone in the community and welcoming breastfeeding mothers every day is part of that. We’re really looking forward to the occasion.”

It’s great to hear that The Big Breastfeeding Café has inspired so many mums to regularly connect and share their breastfeeding journeys together.

With such a successful 2019 café behind us, it’s time to start planning for next year’s event!

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