Hospital bag essentials

This time we’re looking at baby’s hospital bag, and whilst they won’t need much there are a few important things to consider!.
Hospital bag essentials
  1. Ok so this one won’t actually fit into the bag, but baby won’t be leaving the hospital without a car seat, so make sure it comes with you, or it’s ready and waiting for your partner to bring in. Doona is the world’s first car seat with an integrated travel system. Press a simple button to pop out the wheels as you go through the car park, and then turn it back into a car seat for the ride home. Ideal for when you’re tired and have lots to carry!
  2. You’ll certainly need some nappies, and if you’re planning on taking the cloth route, you’ll want to be prepared. We love this Sixpence Easy Fit nappy from TotsBots not only is it environmentally friendly it’s super cute too.
  3. Tushi stick is ideal for nappy changes, as it comes in a stick! They’ll be no danger of this spilling in your bag or getting stuck under your nails. It’s also 100% natural, so you can guarantee it is perfect for delicate newborn skin.
  4. In this cold weather you’ll want to make sure baby is wrapped up nice and warm for their journey home. This unisex pramsuit from Frugi is made from 100% recycled fibres, so it’s good to the environment too.
  5. Newborn babies are generally too small for sleeping bags, but organic brand The Little Green Sheep has the perfect solution! Their baby pouch sits securely round baby’s waist keeping little legs warm all night long, it’s lovely and soft too as it’s made from organic cotton. Available in flannelette or plush
    from £19.95
  6. It’s always fun picking baby’s first ever outfit, and we’ve gone dotty for this little fox babygrow from Dot & Co, it’s made from organic cotton and suitable for either boys or girls, so ideal if you are expecting a surprise!
  7. Whilst your little one won’t need any toys for their first night in the world, Drool Monkey is the perfect companion. In the early days he makes a great muslin, burp cloth, breastfeeding cover and rattle and as baby gets older they will really enjoy chomping on his head!
  8. Not forgetting a bag to put it all in! The Pegasus from Babymule is a sturdy canvas messenger bag with plenty of pockets and compartments. It comes with all the changing essentials which you can make use of later! Available in bright red or classic navy

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