All your Hospital Bag Must-Haves sorted from Medela

Are you due to give birth imminently but struggling with what to pack in your bag for the hospital? We’ve put together a list of hospital bag must-haves to ensure you’re prepared for what’s to come!

Hospital bag must-haves - Purelan Nipple cream Bra pads

Packing for your baby’s arrival is an important time and remembering all of your hospital bag must-haves can be difficult. We’ve put together a handy list of the Top Ten items that can help to make your time in hospital as easy as possible!

1. Purelan – A real hospital bag must- have, Purelan offers natural soothing care and protection for dry, sore or cracked nipples. The small tube is a great size to pop in your bag and is safe for you and your baby when breastfeeding. It’s multifunctional too, perfect for any dry skin, chapped lips and even be used on little ones sensitive skin.

2. Water and snacks – hydration is important, your body is about to put some serious work in! Take along an empty reusable water bottle and you’re birthing partner can keep filling it up during your stay. If you can find one with a straw, that would be a bonus, to help keep things super easy. Don’t forget to pack a selection of snacks too to keep your energy up!

3. Washable nursing pads – Soft and ultra-absorbent, these are ideal for all day comfort and avoids any leaks or discomfort. They are reusable too so ideal for popping in the wash once your home for future use.

4. Slippers – keep comfy and cosy during your hospital stay with your own slippers from home!

5. Swing Flex breast pump – breastfeeding can be challenging in the early days so you may find the support of a breast pump useful. The Swing Flex is compact, portable and easy to use, the ideal choice of breast pump to start your breastfeeding journey.

6. Pillow – nothing beats your own pillow, especially when you’re trying to stay as comfy as possible before baby arrives.

7. Maternity and nursing bra – wire free and seam free, this bra will take up no space in your hospital bag and will ensure maximum comfort and full support for your boobs after birth.

8. Book or Magazine – something to flick through during the period of time you could be in hospital, just in case you end up staying longer than you expected.

9. Phone charger – make sure your phone has charge in case you want to get in touch with loved ones during your hospital stay – you may even decide to share a snap or two of your gorgeous newborn with friends and family too!

10. Outfit for baby – picking out a cute outfit really brings it home that you will soon have a new arrival. Make sure to leave room in your hospital bag for this!

If you have any further suggestions for what to pack in your hospital bag, why not share your thoughts on our Facebook and Instagram pages? We’d love to hear!