Preparing for your Big Breastfeeding Café – Our Tips for Hosting the Perfect Celebration for Breastfeeding Mothers!

Hosting your own Big Breastfeeding Café this year? We’ve put together a list of top tips and tricks to help you make your café a huge success! This includes how to advertise your café, things to have on hand on the day for breastfeeding mothers and how to interact with us on social media to let the wider world know how well your Big Breastfeeding Café goes on the day!

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We’re so pleased to welcome you to this wonderful event, now in its fourth year. This nationwide initiative, which connects mums via a network of events taking place on the same day across the UK, aims to help mums talk about their breastfeeding journey in a relaxed environment – and there’s cake and a cuppa involved!

If you sign up to host a café, we will send you a box full of goodies with all the key supplies you need (including the all-important tea and biscuits!). We provide bunting and balloons to decorate your space so you can make the most of the celebration!  

Here are some of our top tips and tricks for how to hold a successful Big Breastfeeding Café for breastfeeding mothers in your area.


  1. You can invite your friends and family to your café, but if you feel comfortable opening up your home or hosting in a local community centre, go for it! We welcome Big Breastfeeding Cafes of all shapes and sizes!
  2. Make the most of all of your supplies in your pack that you receive from us. Blow up the balloons, hang the bunting, get the kettle on, and be ready to welcome everyone!
  3. If you and the mums who attend have questions about breastfeeding and want advice from an expert, each hosting kit includes advice from our in-house lactation consultant, Sioned Hilton. You can always message us on our Facebook Page on the day to speak to Sioned directly!
  4. Why not bake a cake or some biscuits to serve at your café? Get your apron on and get baking for this fantastic event.
  5. Why not start the conversation by sharing your own breastfeeding story? If you are holding a larger café, topical cue cards for the table could be a great idea to help the conversation flow!
  6. You can even share your snaps with us on social media to spread the word about your fab event, be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!
  7. If you want to hold a café for your local community, we can help you spread the word! Let us know by emailing and we can send you flyers, posters, and help you reach out to families in your local area.  
  8. Relax and enjoy your Big Breastfeeding Café! It’s tempting to always be checking on your guests as a host but be sure to relax and make the most of the day, if you’re holding an open café- you may even meet new friends in the process!
  9. There’s no reason why your café shouldn’t become a regular event, why not see if your friends would like to meet up regularly to celebrate breastfeeding over a nice cup of tea!


For more information on getting involved, check out our blog for more about the Big Breastfeeding Café. To sign up, drop us an email at, we would love for you to take part in this fantastic event.