I'm a Medela Mum Update

Over the last few months our lovely Medela Mums have been busy sharing their experiences of breastfeeding. From the joy of when their little one latched on for the first time to the challenges and difficulties they have faced through to the breastpumps they have chosen, the support they have received and their essential breastfeeding must-have products!

We have loved reading the honest, encouraging and inspiring posts from our fantastic team of bloggers and are so excited to share their latest updates:

My Family Fever and Make Do and Push previously shared their hopes and fears for breastfeeding with us and we are so excited to announce that their bundles of joy have now arrived and they have shared lovely updates on the early days and weeks of their breastfeeding journeys.

  • Kate from My Family Fever gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, Eliza and you can read how they found the early days of breastfeeding
  • Hannah from Make Do and Push was excited to meet her gorgeous baby boy, Indy and has posted a great update on their breastfeeding journey, one month in: click here.
  • Meanwhile, Scrapbook Of Our Lives, My Blue Rinse and Lee Lee Loves were all thrilled to hold their first Medela Breastfeeding Cafes to chat with mums from their local area about all things breastfeeding over a much needed cup of tea! Lauren from Scrapbook Of Our Lives met up with four of her mummy friends to discuss their breastfeeding experiences so far. They all agreed “that there should be more information pre-birth that breastfeeding is HARD! That way people would be more prepared for what’s to come and might be able to overcome the hurdles better.” Click here to read more.
  • Laurie from My Blue Rinse had some great advice to share after chatting with mums at her first café “If you’ve fed your baby for a day, a week or even a year, you’re doing great. If you exclusively breastfeed, offer a combination or exclusively pump, every single drop counts and finding a support network who are accepting and open minded is essential to a positive breastfeeding experience. And let’s face it, a happy cake-filled mummy equals a happy baby.” – Well said Laurie! Click here to read more.
  • Lisa from Lee Lee Loves enjoyed meeting up with two local breastfeeding mums to share advice and learn some new breastfeeding tips “Meeting other breastfeeding mums was brilliant I cannot wait to do it again, I left my first café feeling not only like I had met two wonderful ladies but that I had also learnt a few things, what more could I ask for?” Click here to read more
  • Medela Mum, Monica from The Travel Hack has been sharing her essential breastfeeding products for travelling and has found that PureLan nipple cream really is multipurpose in her ‘Summer Products that I’m stealing from my baby’ post! Click here and here to read more.
  • Finally, Leanne from A Slice of My Life Wales, has posted her Breastfeeding Essentials to help all mums-to-be prepare for their first breastfeeding journey. Of course, every mum will find that they have their own essential products but we just love Leanne’s list – most of all the chocolate biscuits! Click here to read more.

Thank you to all of our Medela Mums including Toby and Roo and Side Street Style for sharing their breastfeeding experiences with us. We look forward to welcoming more mums on board soon including the fab Dear Beautiful. If you or a blogger you know would be interested in becoming a Medela Mum, please get in touch with our PR team on emily@bumppr.co.uk.