Introducing Freestyle Flex, the Latest Breast Pump from Medela!

The Freestyle Flex is the latest innovative breast pump to be released here at Medela and promises to offer breastfeeding mums the ultimate in comfort, support and technology. The lightest, quietest and most compact of our breast pumps, the Freestyle Flex truly is the number one choice for mums who breastfeed!

Our newest breast pump, the Freestyle Flex is a truly intuitive double electric pump which promises breastfeeding mums the ultimate in comfort, support and technology. Our contemporary design is not only lighter, quieter and more compact, but it also offers innovative features, and our trusted 2-phase pumping functionality.

With Smart connectivity the new Freestyle Flex works alongside the MyMedela app to seamlessly support every mother’s expressing journey. The app will automatically record the time and duration of each session so that mums can easily track their pumping patterns – especially useful for mums that are expressing regularly!

Perfect for slipping into your changing bag, the new design is super lightweight and neater. It also provides up to 2 hours pumping on a single full charge which equals 8 double pumping sessions! The built in USB charging option is a bonus for mums on the go, at work or on their holidays.

The improved technology also includes a super handy ‘pause’ function, in case mid-pump mums need to stop briefly. Instead of having to start at the beginning again, they can just take a moment if needed.  It has a delayed start time too, to give mum a moment to get settled in a comfy position before pumping starts. And, thanks to the thoughtfully designed LED touch display screen, it is extremely simple to navigate.

You can purchase the new Freestyle Flex here.