Introducing The PersonalFit™ PLUS, A New Addition To The Symphony, Medela’s Double Electric Breast Pump

Exciting news! We know how important our double electric breast pump, the Symphony has been to many of our mum’s breastfeeding journeys, and we’re delighted to share its newest feature – our ground-breaking PersonalFit™ PLUS breast shields!

Fab news for all those mamas who have a high demand for breastmilk, our double electric breast pump the Symphony, has an exciting new feature - PersonalFit™ PLUS breast shields!

Coming as standard with all Symphony rentals, this ground-breaking new design is clinically proven to deliver more milk and more comfort for pumping mamas, so you can spend more time with your little one! Available for rent for less than £1.50 a day, no other breast pump compares when it comes to supporting those mamas with multiples, premature infants, or if you’re planning to return to work early, or exclusively express for your newborn.

The new design of the PersonalFit™ PLUS helps mums to express 11% more milk after just 15 minutes of pumping, compared to standard pump sets. Just think of the time you can save! The unique oval shape of the shield also makes it more comfortable for breasts of all shapes and sizes, while the 105-degree angle minimises the painful breast tissue compression.

We’re so excited that the PersonalFit™ PLUS comes in a range of sizes to help optimise nipple fit, it’s also super easy to use as it’s just a few parts! No complicated design to figure out on top of baby brain!

Another common worry for mamas is milk entering the tubing or motor during pumping, but with the PersonalFit™ PLUS new integrated overflow protection, those worries are a thing of the past, allowing for more comfortable sitting positions while expressing.

Available to order direct from us, or from rental agents all over the UK, your Symphony pump can be delivered next day, no worrying wait time!