July’s Breastfeeding Café!

Wow! How quickly has this month gone? We can’t believe that last night meant it was once again time for the monthly Breastfeeding Cafe, where our lovely mums asked Sioned any questions they had about breastfeeding. We had some brilliant topics covered including managing going back to work whilst breastfeeding… Here are some of our top questions:

Question: How often should you change the valve on your electric swing pump please? I pump roughly once per day and my son is 12 weeks old.

Answer: You don’t need to be changing the valve or membrane unless it is damaged as this would affect the vacuum, check it every time you use it if it there are signs of wear and tear this is when you would replace or if you put it away for next baby you may choose to buy a new milk collection set.

Sioned x


Question: Is there a law/ guidance about providing facilities for a breast feeding mothers to express while at work? My daughter is only 6 months old so I’m not ready to stop breastfeeding her but not sure what to do. Any tips on how to survive at work without expressing?

Answer: You are protected under the health and safety at work act and your employers need to be aware that you are returning back to work as a breastfeeding mum. Your employers don’t have to provide you with protected time but they can support you with reasonable adjustments such as extended breaks, a private area to express and facilities to wash your kit and store your milk.
Ask your employer for their breastfeeding policy from HR as most do have a policy. More information can be sought from the following link: www.maternityaction.org.uk

Sioned x


Question: Hi Sioned. If I express a bottle for my 4 month old baby how many ounces is an adequate feed? Thanks

Answer: Your baby varies how much he needs from the breast at different times of day. A good guide is to decant about 3-4 oz (90-120 mls) give her this and also have a bottle with a couple of extra ounces 30-60 mls and if she is settled with the first that’s fine, but if she is still rooting offer more and top up. There is no volume to recommend as your milk changes all the time – power snack, grazing and longer feeds etc. Hope those give you somewhere to start with.

Sioned x