Muse on the News… June 2016

Well, well, well… In the month that saw #NationalBreastfeedingWeek and all of its’ fabulousness, our favourite topic sure has popped up in the news rather frequently! We love celebrating positive breastfeeding stories and would love to share with you our highlights from this month of #BreastfeedingInTheNews.
Muse on the News
  1. Breast is best for premature babies, after a study showed the hearts of preterm children were larger than those who had been bottle fed.
  2. Mum breastfeeds in the middle of her own wedding ceremony. When your baby's hungry she's hungry, right? Wherever you may happen to be. Even if that means slap bang in the middle of the biggest day of your life. 
  3. This mom breastfed in public, and a stranger's response nearly left her in tears.
  4. Breastfeeding Buddies ready to help new mums and mums-to-be in Keighley.
  5. 10 Tips On How Dads Can Help With Breastfeeding.
  6. Holly Willoughby Hits Back At Martin Daubney On ‘This Morning’ Over Breastfeeding In Public Debate.