June’s Breastfeeding Cafe!

Last night was that time of the month again where we invite our lovely Medela Mums to ask Sioned, our Lactation Consultant some of their breastfeeding questions at our monthly Breastfeeding Cafe. We had questions regarding baby’s teeth and feeding preferences, as well as some brilliant pieces of advice that our Mums had received before embarking on their own breastfeeding journey… Safe to say there were some true words of wisdom on our Facebook page last night!

Some of the questions answered by Sioned Hilton were:

Question: My daughter is 15 months and feeds before and after naptimes. She has four front teeth, two at the bottom and two at the top. She seems to be clamping down with them when feeding and I’m getting really sore nipples with cuts on them where she has ripped my skin. Any tips on how to stop her doing this? X

Answer:  Hi Jemma Louise Lodge, this is a difficult time when they are encouraged to chew on the food, getting positive response but when nursing it is not appropriate. Its just the mouth, tongue teeth and gums having to adapt to the ever changing palate. See if it happens at a particular point during the feed, as she is slipping off, or at the end of the first breast it may be she is stimulating the next reflex for letdown. Try and break the seal before she nips so you are in control for a few sessions. To help with healing apply expressed breastmilk, and nipple cream. Try not to respond with a startle but gently say no she will start to understand what is ok and not.

Sioned x


Question: My 1 year old will only feed from my left breast. The right has now shrunken. Is one sided feeding enough or should I supplement with other calcium products lots like yoghurts etc? I do give two small yoghurts a day and put milk in his porridge but I worry it’s not enough! He won’t drink cows milk on its own!! He is putting on weight but very slowly and is just under the 25th centile line.

Answer: Hi Gemma Gjergji, it sounds as though the right has stopped producing, it is fine to continue on the left, look out for fortified cereals, leafy green vegetables as alternatives to increasing dairy. He’s growing and thriving – he may be following the line and this is ok to be lean so don’t worry you are doing fine.

Sioned x


We also had some brilliant pieces of advice, and words of encouragement that our Medela Mums received during their pregnancy… Hopefully these will come in handy for those of about to experience breastfeeding for the first time!

  • "Babies aren’t always born knowing how to feed. And we don’t always know how to either. It’s a learning curve for the both of you. It can be hard in the beginning, but don’t give up. It’s worth it 100%."
  • "Forget everything you think you know about feeding babies and let your baby lead you. Feed your baby as often as he or she wants. It may seem tough at first but it’s worth it in the long run."
  • "My mum told me that it would be the hardest thing I ever did, but that I would be the most proud I had achieved it, so stay stubborn and stick to my guns!"
  • "Both you and baby will learn together. And dont panic if it’s slow to happen or your supply is low. Baby needs your smell, touch and voice to be comforted not just b-feeding. And don’t be scared to ask for help! Your own aunties, mother, friends will have gone through similar worries. Give yourself the best possible chance by being comfortable, warm, relaxed and shut out the world whilst you learn in your own time how to feed your baby…. And have a pump on stand by!"
  • "Just because your boobs feel empty doesn’t mean that they are. You will produce enough milk for your baby. Just keep on feeding and don’t supplement. Keep offering the breast."