We have learnt that 70% of you are influenced by Friends and Family When Making Feeding Choices – who influenced you?

Every new parent is faced with lots of choices, cloth or disposable, home or hospital birth, breast or bottle?

Feeding is undoubtedly one of the most hotly debated parenting topics, and is something every new parent will have to decide. Where you all get information from and who or what influences your decisions is of great interest to us. We ran a survey to find out from new parents and parents- to-be about these issues – the findings were interesting.

Nearly 800 new parents took part in the Feeding Choices survey*, which we commissioned.  The results revealed that the majority decide on their feeding choices before their baby is born and more specifically within the first 6 months of pregnancy with more than a third having decided by this point. Interestingly for 12% involved in the survey they were still undecided at birth.

When did you decide how you would feed your baby?

It is an extremely personal issue and one which most parents want to be fully informed on. Information on feeding your newborn can be accessed in seconds from the internet at any time of day or night. However, it is interesting to note that new mums and dads still look to the people they trust for guidance and advice. Did you speak to your parents? Or friends?

When asked to select who/what had influenced them, family and friends proved to be most influential with over 70% of those surveyed selecting this group. Alongside support from loved ones understandably new parents do their own research – the results reinforced this with 50% of the group feeling that research had also supported their decision. In comparison just 20% said that their antenatal classes had influenced them, and 25% said health professionals had played apart.

Did you go to an antenatal class?

*Feeding Choices Survey was hosted online across parenting brands and Babyworld.com 1 May 14 – 1 July 14.