A Letter from your Newborn Baby

"Hi Mummy,

I’ve only been in this world for a little while and if you thinking giving birth was amazing, you should imagine what it was like being born! The transition from a warm, soft, safe and cosy space to a high-energy world where there are bright lights, different colours, sounds and faces. It felt strange to be in the doctor’s hands but I knew as soon as she gave me to you to hold that I was completely in the right place – with you.


We were both pretty exhausted by the time I was born but somehow you mustered super powers and did everything you could to protect and love me, as you have done every single day since. Something very mysterious in my brain switched on when you were holding me and without thinking, I snuggled onto your body, to find a source of food, energy and life. I know we will treasure this moment forever, even if I do forget as I grow a little older, it was just so special. I saw your eyes fill with tears but I knew they were happy tears, because I know you mum and I joined in with my own. What an incredible start to life!

 I know it has been a bit bumpy, but I knew we would get the hang of feeding. After that first feed, I knew that we had created a silent bond that will last forever. We understand each other and I believe it is breastfeeding that has given us that very special connection. I do know some babies that don’t breastfeed, and I know everything will be ok for them too, however I couldn’t be more grateful to you mummy, thank you!

I knew from meeting you for the first time, that you would always try your best to make me happy and healthy. Right then, I wanted to say thank you so much to you mum, but I didn’t have the words. I want to say it now, thank you so much for breastfeeding me. I think you had a little help when it came to making milk for me, I did always wonder what that whoosh whoosh sound was when I was sleeping and I think you have made some extra mil for me from some kind of pump? I have always had fresh breastmilk from you, as well as daddy, auntie and granny, there seems to be lots! The bottle was a little strange at the beginning but it felt like you and it is nice to feel closer to others too, giving you a much deserved break too!

I think that when you first knew I was on my way, you knew that we were going to have a unique and magical connection no matter what. But now months later, we have spent endless hours together while you provide all the nutrients, energy and food I need to grow. Just in case you have ever doubted yourself or wondered if I would ever understand what you have done for me, the answer is yes, yes, yes! I appreciate absolutely everything you have done for me!

Thank you for your endless patience, for getting up in the dark for night feeds, at the crack of dawn and for understanding exactly what I need all the time. Most of all, thank you for breastfeeding me mummy, it has helped me to grow stronger, full of your goodness for my amazing life journey ahead. You are incredible Mum, thank you! x"