Life-saving Breastfeeding Products

Unlike the endless lists of clothes, furniture, toiletries, nappies and more that you have to buy when preparing for the arrival of your first baby, it is true that for your first breastfeeding journey you already have what you need. Breastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world and although essentially it requires nothing more than you and your baby having precious time together, it can come with challenges, difficulties and can be uncomfortable at times, especially so when establishing a breastfeeding routine.

To offer some advice and tips on what products may come in handy or indeed your lifesaver sometimes, we thought who better to ask than our Medela Mums…

  • “A variety of well fitted comfortable feeding bras to see you through the year.”
    Aimee Gladden
  • “Medela Nipple Shields! Couldn’t have done it without them.” 
    Sophie Hood
  • “Tea!! And lots of it!”
    Zoe Ludgate
  • “Washable breast pads! So much cheaper and nicer to use than disposable breast pads!”
    Francesca Nicole Pattenden
  • “Medela Symphony hospital grade rental pump. Lifesaving for me and my premature baby boy who arrived six weeks early.”
    Sam Collins
  • “Lansinoh, and Medela products are fab! Also the medicated compress pads for healing cracked sore nipples.”
    Tricia Welsh
  • “Earth mama all natural organic nipple butter and Snuzpod.”
    Errin Karno
  • Medela Swing and muslin squares!!!”
    Danielle Richardson
  • “Boppy/breastfeeding pillow so baby is more comfortable in position as she/he gets older.”
    Fiona Chapman
  • “A good feeding cushion!”
    Kate Fever
  • “The Medela Swing definitely and babywearing. Being able to “boob on the move” has been a life saver.”
    Eden Aspinall
  • “For twins – Medela Swing, muslin squares, infacol, milk storage bottles, breast pads and a feeding pillow.elam Aspinall have given up!”
    Ffion Kate Bertie
  • “Medela nipple shields, Swing double pump (well worth the money), feeding pillow, infacol, muslin squares, lots of TV recorded to help you through the night!”
    Lucie Anderson