I Love My Baby Even When…our Medela Mums Community share their thoughts!

Your baby – the apple of your eye, the best thing in your life… but sometimes the little monkeys know just how to press your buttons don’t they! We asked our lovely Medela Mums community to share the things their little ones do that test their unconditional love to the limit!

There’s no denying the love between a mother and her baby is unconditional. It is without limitations or requirements. Even when little ones do things that push the limits of patience and logic, mothers still find a way to love them with all of their hearts.

However, that doesn’t mean that our little darlings don’t sometimes do things which would make even the most level-headed mama frustrated, as our lovely Medela Mums community have shared below:

I Love My Baby Even When…

“…she refuses to sleep at 5am and just wants to play instead!” – Aroosa on Instagram

“…she projectile vomits in the bed, resulting in clothes change for both of us, a change of bedding, and drying the bed with a hairdryer at 1am! Also when she does a poo fountain that travels 3ft at 3am when changing her!” – Carla from Instagram

“…she unlatches herself and dribbles milk all over me!” – Jaye from Instagram

“…I’ve just dressed you in the most adorable outfit and you spit up all over it, and then when I change you, you decide it’s an appropriate time to have a poo-nami resulting in second outfit change of the day! I spend all my money on your wardrobe, so getting good wear out of it is important!” – Amanda from Instagram

“…he wakes up every single time I make a cup of tea, so I always have to drink it cold!” – Maritza from Instagram

“…he’s 5 minutes down for his nap and decides to open his eyes and decide it’s playtime while I’m in the middle of shampooing my hair! Napping and Mummy taking a shower don’t mix.” – Hana from Instagram

“…he wakes up every hour or two in the night because he can’t settle himself.” – Natalie from Instagram

“…he pulls my hair in his excitement” – Becc from Instagram

“…she decides my face is the best toy and pulls it about all over the place – fingers up my nose, grabbing my eyelids and not forgetting the pinches and punches to my throat!” – Laura from Instagram

“…she won’t leave my boobs alone, when she screams her head off when I go to the loo alone, my middle child cuts tiny pieces of paper and leaves it all over the floor, as well as colouring on my walls!” – Katie from Instagram

“…he sneezes in my face with a mouthful of milk!” – Saffron from Facebook

“…it’s 3am and I am exhausted. My love and devotion knows no boundaries as far as they involved.” – Samantha from Facebook

“…they refuse to be put down when you need a wee or want to wash up!” – Katrina from Facebook

“…he waits until I just fall asleep, and then cries.” – Stacey from Facebook

“…he keeps me up all night!” – Jessica from Facebook

“…she pulls the wallpaper off the wall!” – Cari from Facebook

Have Unconditional Love for Yourself Too!

These kinds of challenging conditions make a mother stronger. Unconditional love starts by loving yourself in that same way. You know your own flaws and weaknesses better than anyone else. Being able to love yourself despite an awareness of your own faults puts you in the position to be able to offer the same to others. Forgive your own imperfections – don’t try to be flawless. The truth is really that a mother, or any person for that matter, can’t offer unconditional love without being able to give it to themselves.

As children get older, their life challenges become more complex. But showing them what unconditional love looks like as a young child gives them a perspective on diversity and challenges in the world. It teaches them how to treat others with love and respect …. even when.

What are your thoughts? What other questions do you have about breastfeeding? Please share in the comments below, or join in the conversation on our Facebook and Instagram.