Quick Makeup Tips for Busy Mums

It’s a well-known fact that you new mummies don’t have much time to yourself. There is always something more important than doing your make-up, whether that’s catching up on the washing, clearing up the toys or getting little ones ready to leave the house!

Well, as always we are here to help! Today’s blog post outlines 10 quick and super easy makeup tips and techniques. Trust us – in seconds no one will believe you haven’t slept in weeks!

Make up shopping guide for busy mums
  1. Refresh Moisturiser from Origins: To start of your quick makeover we would recommend this fab moisturiser, it’s loved and approved by plenty of beauty bloggers. It’s lightweight and oil free yet very hydrating, fortified with legendary skin-boosters like Hawaiian Mineral Water. Use this for an instant healthy glow!
  2. Clinique Concealer: Concealing your dark circles is a must! A good concealer is the only way forward, if you literally just dap it under your eye and blend it in, you will look like you’ve had at least 4 more hours sleep than you probably have!
  3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: This isn’t the UK’s bestselling foundation for nothing! The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation leaves you with flawless skin, if you use a sponge to apply, you will be left with a smooth and natural skin tone. If you are worried about a cakey foundation, please don’t, this one is smooth and light. The perfect cure to an uneven complexion!
  4. Chanel Mascara: A good mascara is a quick way to brighten up your tired eyes! This mascara from Chanel adds volume and length to your lashes in seconds…. Let’s just say this mascara is a super product for any new mother.
  5. Original Quick Eyeliner: Just because you are in a hurry shouldn’t mean you can’t wear eyeliner…yes, we know it takes a while and requires a lot of attention! That’s why when we spotted this set of eyeliner stickers we knew we had to include it! This is the best invention ever. You pick the look you want and then just stick it on – well worth a try!
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick: We only recently learnt about this fab product! Apply in a triangle shape, towards your jaw line to create a quick and easy bronzing, contour effect.
  7. & 8. NARS Multiple: Blush is an essential product to make you look bright and refreshed! To keep it from disappearing midday, we suggest using a cream blush, setting it with powder, and then applying a powdered blush on top. This will take hardly any extra time and will keep your blusher on all day!
  1. MAC Lip Liner: Unfortunately we weren’t all blessed with Angelina Jolie’s perfect pout, here is a super quick trick that anyone can do in the morning to give you that plumped look.y is after. You have to find a lip liner the exact colour of your lips, which may sound like a challenge but MAC have a range of forty different colours, so we would advise going there and getting someone to match up the colours for you. 
  2. NARS Cruising Lipstick: If you get to lipstick you have done pretty well! Start with your perfect nude lipstick, it won’t be too much, but will definitely make an impact. You’re looking for a ‘my lips but better’ shade. We like ‘Cruising’ by NARS for its sheer, cool colour and moisturising formula.
Make up shopping guide for busy mums