Maternity Products

We all know how tough buying pregnancy and baby products can be. Everything sounds useful and something you just have to have! However, when it comes down to it you're probably wondering does this really get rid of stretchmarks? Will this really help in labour? Is this a baby essential?


Not to worry, we are here to show you some fabulous and practical pregnancy buys…

  1. A Supportive Maternity Bra

Firstly your body will change, you’ll find that your breasts change especially, and you will soon find that certain clothes become a little tight – eventually stop fitting altogether! You'd be forgiven for dreading the maternity lingerie shop, frumpy, old fashioned and totally unsexy spring to mind?

Thanks to fashion forward Bravado Designs, mums-to-be can look forward to choosing stylish, comfortable and supportive maternity and nursing bras. The brand's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra has become a classic, loved by celebrities and mums across the world. It's super comfy and a worthwhile investment, supporting you throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding baby!


  1. Love Your Bump Belly Belt

Are you not ready to give up on your all-time favourite jeans for new maternity ones? Love Your Bump is here to help with the ingenious Belly Belt. This fab new product expands the waist of your favourite jeans, trousers, and skirts, allowing you to have a much comfier bump experience in all your favourite outfits.


  1. Stretch Mark Cream

Having a baby is one of the most exciting things any couple will ever experience, however what comes with it can be less exciting, hello stretch marks! Mama Mio creates the most amazing creams and moisturisers, that help to reduce the appearance of old and new stretch marks! We've heard only positive reviews for this, so definitely worthwhile checking out!


  1. Body Pillows

Body pillows really are a pregnancy must have, whether you are in the early or late stages of your pregnancy. The Dreamgenii Maternity and Feeding Support Pillow is unique as it not only supports your bump but also your back and knees, enabling a good night’s sleep, which is crucial when you are expecting.


  1. Baby Names Book

Choosing a baby name is a big responsibility and you will find that when you start looking, you’ll consider names you’ve never thought of before! Keep a Baby Name Book by your bedside for some late night reading.


  1. Tens Machine

The thought of labour can be frightening and most people are keen to find ways to eliminate or reduce pain. This Elle Tens Machine, claims to be your answer. You strap the device to your back. When contractions strike, you push a button that delivers small electrical pulses, said to stimulate the muscles and nerves, reducing the back pain associated with labour. We have heard lots of good reviews and even better, this Tens Machine is also available for rental!