Maternity Skirts

As summer approaches, there is no one who’ll be feeling the heat more than all of you lovely pregnant ladies! We wanted to show you some maternity skirts that allow you to stay cool in the upcoming summer months as well as looking fabulous!

  1. The gypsy look is definitely a big look for this summer. We love the ‘awkward length’ of this and, as shown on the model, it can be dressed up or even down with a tshirt! Ideal. £40 from Asos.
  1. As we say every time, the Breton stripe is a must during pregnancy! The jersey maxi skirts are so comfortable and classy, so you really can’t go wrong with them! £39 from Seraphine.
  1. This tribal print makes this a definite stand out skirt! Ideal for evenings out on your summer holiday… We love! £29 from Jojomamanbebe.
  1. The elastic band on this skirt was a winner for us. Lovely and floaty to allow for maximum breeziness! Winner. £28 from NEXT.
  1. This shape is so flattering for your lovely bump, and it’s a lovely length whilst on your holidays! £24.99 from GAP.