Maxing up your expressing!

This month’s we are celebrating yet another win for our double pump the Swing Maxi… having scooped gold in the breastpump category at the prestigious Prima Baby and Pregnancy awards we were rather pleased indeed! Alongside the Bounty Loves accolade it secured in 2013 as well as the ‘Mums Love’ badge from, and a 5 star badge from The Baby Website it is proving to be a big hit with mums!

The breastpump, which is a maxed up version of our multi award winning flagship Swing breastpump, was developed following new research. Having found that double pumping had many benefits we decided to create another double pump to provide the ultimate support for breastfeeding families.

An obvious benefit of expressing milk from both breasts simultaneously is that it’s twice as fast and therefore leaves more time with the baby. But Medela’s latest research

has revealed some other major advantages that further support the decision to double pump. Possibly the most noteworthy finding was that when mums are double pumping, rather than single pumping, they can get up to 18% more milk to feed to their little one.

They also discovered that double pumping yielded milk with higher energy content, which is especially important for preterm infants but also great for term infants too.  Other benefits include increased breast drainage and higher presence of prolactin, both of which significantly improve a mother’s lactation thus ensuring she establishes and maintains a good milk supply and undoubtedly supports with long term breastfeeding.

The Swing Maxi not only helps mums to sustain their milk supply, it also saves lots of time so they can spend longer with baby. The pump provides our innovative 2-phase expression technology, which mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm, expressing with Swing Maxi will be the most efficient and comfortable pumping experience.