Breastfeeding Q&A: Which Breast Shield should I use?

It’s question time again as our in-house Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton, discusses the importance of finding the right size breast shield for you, troubleshooting and key signs to keep a look out for.

Medela Personal Fit Breastshields

Question: How can I ensure I am using the correct size breast shield for pumping?

Answer: We offer five breast shield sizes for maximum comfort and efficiency while expressing breastmilk. It can be tricky to find the right breast shield for you but it is important that you find the right fit – this will help support your breastfeeding and expressing journey. Here are some signs that you might need to try a new size:

Do you see any excessive areola being pulled into the tunnel?

  • Does your nipple rub the tunnel sides to the point of causing discomfort?
  • Is your nipple or areola turning white?
  • Do you see any redness?
  • Do you feel unexpressed milk breast milk pumping?

If you answer yes to any of the above, it would be helpful for you to try a new size. Measure across the nipple base with a tape measure first of all. The shield that comes with the pump is a 24mm, if a lot of areola is being pulled into the funnel you will need the smaller size. If your nipple is snug, rubbing the funnel you will need a bigger size and this is where the measuring will need to be more specific.

For more information please visit our ‘PersonalFit Breast Shield Size help page or watch our ‘Choosing your PersonalFit Breast Shield Size Video.

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