Medela Flex™ Technology – Which Breast Pump Is Right for You?

With our Medela Flex™ technology now available across our entire range of breast pumps, supporting mamas of all shapes and sizes, we wanted to share a rundown of our full breast pump range to help you find the right pump for your journey. Our new Flex™ technology not only makes our pumps more comfortable to use, but it’s also clinically proven to produce 11% more milk – what a bonus! For any mamas reading with questions about which pump is right for them, we’ve broken it down below to help you decide which pump would be best based on your needs!

Our Medela Flex™ technology is truly a game changer for your breastfeeding journey. It includes a unique oval-shaped breast shield that can be rotated 360°, fitting perfectly into your breastfeeding routine. Helping mums find the right position to suit their individual shape when expressing, the Medela Flex™ technology provides a flexible fit to support all mums, whatever size and shape they may be!

Clinically proven to help yield up to 11% more milk per pumping session, this super-comfortable 100% BPA free breast shield provides a closed system to protect from overflow, allowing mamas to pump in whichever position is best for you!

Now available across our entire range of breast pumps, whichever pump you choose for your breastfeeding journey will benefit from this fab technology – what a bonus! So which pump is best suited for your needs? Keep reading to find out!

Harmony Flex

Ideal for those mamas who have already established breastfeeding but would like to express milk from time to time, the Harmony Flex is great for occasional pumping. Whether you’re having a much-deserved night off, or your partner wants to help feed the little one, the Harmony Flex could be for you! Super lightweight and discreet, the Harmony Flex is easy to use, as well as to clean after expressing, leaving you more time for cuddles with baby! The 2 Phase Expression technology stimulates baby’s natural sucking behaviour – one of the only manual pumps on the market to offer this!

Swing Flex

For those mamas needing quick, efficient expression whenever and wherever they need it, the Swing Flex is a step up from the Harmony. Our smallest and most portable electric breast pump, the Swing Flex has a very simple design and is easy to assemble and use while out and about. Including a battery powered option for on the go, the Swing Flex takes apart easy for cleaning so all parts can be sanitised quickly. Ideal for mums who will be pumping occasionally, the Swing Flex is a true essential for any new parent!

Swing Maxi Flex

Busy mamas looking to produce double the milk in half the time could really benefit from using a double pump, the Swing Maxi Flex is perfect for this. Whether you’re aiming to maintain your supply, need help coping with issues affecting your breastfeeding or simply want less time pumping, a double electric pump could be the answer! Research has shown milk mums expressed during double pumping had higher fat content than when they were single pumping each breast in turn. The Swing Maxi Flex is still super portable and easy to use, and if you’re pumping more frequently, a double pump would be much more effective in your routine, helping you produce more liquid gold in less time! Ideal for those pumping more frequently, the Swing Maxi Flex is a must have for busy mamas!

Freestyle Flex

Whether you’re a mum of multiples, exclusively expressing, or just want the flexibility to express wherever and whenever you like without compromising on pumping performance, the Freestyle Flex is designed to fit perfectly into your busy life. It’s compact yet lightweight design benefits from a USB chargeable battery and can provide up to 2 hours pumping on a single full charge! The Freestyle Flex cleverly connects to the MyMedela app to seamlessly support every mother’s expressing journey – automatically recording the time and duration of each session so that mums can easily track their pumping patterns! Easy to carry wherever you go, the Freestyle Flex promises breastfeeding mums the ultimate in comfort, support and technology!

Whichever breast pump you decide to go for, more information can be found on our website  – and for help and support with your breastfeeding journey, why not join in our Medela Mums community over on our Facebook and Instagram?