Medela Mums: Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Used Your Breast Pump?

We all know that a breast pump is a permanent fixture in your handbag when you are breastfeeding, but we wondered what is the strangest place our Medela Mums have ever pumped? Whatever pump you use, whether it’s a Swing Flex, or a manual Harmony Flex, our discreet and portable pumps are saviours when you are out and about!

Here, our Medela Mums community share their stories:

@sineadwardy – “In the loo at a Spice Girls concert”

@happynatty85 – “In a nightclub toilet…the bouncers face when they did a bag search was hilarious – he thought it was a bong!”

@casottile – “In the back of a car on a news shoot while driving between locations”

Laura Blackwell – “In the first aid room at Sheffield Arena when I went to see Take That! The guys in there were fab, put screens around me and made sure I had plenty of water to drink!

Claire Melinda – “In the back of an office at the Goodwood Revival – huge thanks to the lady who sorted it for me after I had first pumped in the portacabin toilet!

Sarah-Louise Wheeler – “On the main field at Leeds Festival waiting for the Foo Fighters! I forgot the bottle part of the pump and had to hold an empty water bottle under! I got a few funny looks and a few understanding smiles from mamas!”

Nikki Short – “In the back of a horse trailer whilst helping my friend at a competition – in-between jumping rounds!”

Charlotte Louise J-P – “An unused retail shop whilst face painting in a shopping centre. I also pumped in a cleaning cupboard in another shopping centre with unexpecting cleaners coming in and out!”

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