Medela Mums – An Update

Last year we launched a brand new project titled ‘I’m a Medela Mum.’ We welcomed some of the most popular and influential parenting bloggers across the UK to come on board as Medela Mums. We realise just how important and essential it is to have mum to mum support while breastfeeding and the stories shared by our Medela Mums are a fantastic way of encouraging this type of support and helping mums-to-be to prepare for their own feeding journeys.

There are so many fantastic posts (we now have over x20 Medela Mums!) that it is impossible to share them all but here are a couple of our favourites from the last few months:
medela mums

Tattooed Tea Lady

Sophia, author of the blog Tattooed Tea Lady shared an honest and powerful post on her breastfeeding journey so far. Breastfeeding is hard, and it's something I think very few people are emotionally and mentally prepared for. Having shared some of the difficulties I faced with feeding Willow when chatting with other mums on Twitter and Instagram, it astounded me how many others had faced the same difficulties as I had, and even more who had found it more difficult.” Read the full post here.

Adventures with Isla

Mum, Poppy, who writes the blog Adventures with Isla has shared her thoughts on the Medela products that have supported her throughout her breastfeeding journey so far. I can’t express…see what I did there… just how much I love my Medela Freestyle Pump. When you get it out of the box it might feel overwhelming with how many pieces there are but it’s amazingly easy to use, clean and put together!” Read the full post here.

Little Jam Pot Life

Natalie from the lovely blog, Little Jam Pot Life has posted an account on her fourth breastfeeding journey with her new baby girl. “This is a journey that some are unable to take off on and I will be forever grateful that I've managed to feed, nurture and offer this act of love to our four babies as time is whizzing by and I don't want to forget any of it.” Read the full post here.

Lamb and Bear

New Medela Mum, Alex from Lamb and Bear who is expecting any day has published a helpful post for all mums-to-be on ‘What’s in my Hospital Bag?’ This includes Medela Purelan Nipple Cream and lots of other handy essentials. You can read Alex’s post here.

Pearls and Poodles

Milly, author of Pearls and Poodles, has reviewed lots of Medela goodies on her blog including our Pump and Save Bags Medela literally offer everything you could think of when it comes to expressing and feeding your baby and a couple of other accessories have come in handy recently. The Pump & Save bags are great as you can attach them directly to the pumping system and have a leak-proof zip closure so you can secure your precious milk and pop them in the fridge or freezer if you are hoping to store up some milk for later. The bags also have an area for dating and labelling so it is easy to keep track of your stored 'liquid gold.”

Read the full review here.

We will be sharing further updates from our Medela Mums in a few weeks time here on the blog so make sure you keep an eye out!