Swing into Pumping! Everything you Need to Know about the Swing Electric Breast Pump

The Medela Swing is one of our best-selling breast pumps and for good reason! In this blog post, we break down its key benefits and supportive features for breastfeeding mothers.

Did you know…?

The Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump

  • Is ideal for daily electric pumping, mothers who work part-time, pursue a hobby, engage in sports or would like to involve a partner in feeds.
  • Is our smallest and lightest 2-Phase Breast Pump, perfect for use out and about as it can easily fit into a handbag or change bag. It can also be battery operated so is ideal for busy mums on the go!
  • Features 2-Phase Expression Technology, to help mums deliver more breastmilk in less time. This innovative technology mimics a baby’s natural sucking behaviour at the mother’s breast, ensuring expressing is both comfortable and efficient

Is a multi-award winning breast pump! Winning the coveted Which? Best Buy, Loved By Parents Platinum spot for Best Feeding Equipment and Gold for Best Electric Breast Pump at the Mother & Baby Awards. If this wasn’t enough, the Swing Electric Breast Pump even took the prime spot during #WorldBreastfeedingWeek 2018 on ITV’s Lorraine!

ITV Dr Hilary on LK Today with the swing breast pump
  • Is frequently chosen by celebrity mums including Chemmy Allcott, Binky Felstead and Zoe Hardman.
Swing Breast Pump being used by Binky Felstead and Chemmy Allcott
  • Has been designed to switch automatically from stimulation to expression phase. Or mothers can switch manually between the two phases/choose the most comfortable vacuum level for them, with the push of a button!
  • Is comfortable to use, thanks to the choice of two different Breast Shields. Designed with comfort in mind, the Swing is gentle on your breasts, helping to prevent nipple trauma and discomfort whilst pumping
  • Is intuitive, easy to assemble, use and clean!

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