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Each month we will bring to you a snap shot of the breastfeeding news that has hit the headlines across the month. Not a week goes by without breastfeeding making the news for some reason and we would like to dedicate one of our monthly’s posts to cover off a selection of stories.

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It outraged the mothers of Surrey when they spotted a ‘badly worded’ sign telling groups of women to breastfeed in its disabled toilets instead of feeding their children at tables.  The managers have apologised "unreservedly" …read more here:

New research explored the impact of an injection that mothers are sometimes given after their baby is born, questioning if they are more prone to problems with breastfeeding if they have it. The study has indicated that the drug ergotmetrine, which is offered to mothers to speed up the delivery of the placenta may have effects on their personal breastfeeding experience.

A study at Swansea University of 288 women found those given the jab were more likely to report pain or difficulties when breastfeeding. The mothers were also less likely to continue breastfeeding past two weeks.

The report concluded the injection of the drug may interfere with natural hormones which support the breastfeeding process. Read in full here:

Following the uproar last month when a proud mother shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her prem baby, support came from mothers worldwide. Another mother shared a picture of her breastfeeding her baby on her graduation day – the striking pose went viral as she thanked her university for their support during her studies.

The photo which was posted online by The University of the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, quickly garnered support online. It quickly gained more than 195,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 6,000 shares.
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