Medela’s Muse on the News… December 2014

Each month we will bring to you a snap shot of the breastfeeding news that has hit the headlines across the month. Not a week goes by without breastfeeding making the news for some reason and we would like to dedicate one of our monthly’s posts to cover off a selection of stories.

Please help us and get involved – if you see a story you think we should include in our round up please share it with us!
Muse on the News

Perhaps the biggest story to break on breastfeeding this month is the Claridges debate. There have been no end of articles written, with everyone from politicians to bloggers being inspired to share their opinions. One article we felt got the whole thing spot on was this one:

Breastfeeding could cut the chance of the mother getting breast cancer by up to 20 per cent, according to a major international study, read the full story here:

Facebook yet again removes a picture of a mum breastfeeding, this time it was removed from the Mumsnet page:

Finally, we enjoyed this article – breastfeeding art to educate Nigel Farage!

Let’s hope for some positive stories in January, join us on Facebook where we will be sharing positive tips and thoughts throughout the month.