Medela’s Muse On the News… February 2015!

There has been lots of breastfeeding news this month which we love to see! Please feel free to get involved and comment on any of our top breastfeeding stories from February…

Muse on the News

Last week it was announced that the law should be changed to give mothers paid breaks to breastfeed and facilities to feed and store milk, an all-party Parliamentary report has said. The cross party report on healthy childhoods says new mothers need far more support in the workplace, to improve rates of breastfeeding and child health. This is great news and we’re definitely on board! Read the full story here:


A series of studies set to be presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology’s Annual Meeting in Houston, TX, claim an infant’s immune system development and susceptibility to asthma and allergies may be influenced by a number of factors that shape what bacteria is in their gut, such as gestational age at birth, breastfeeding and delivery by Cesarean section. You guys can read all about it here:


Babies who are breastfed have lower arsenic exposure than babies who are fed formula, according to a new study. The powder and water used to make the baby formula may be sources of arsenic, which occurs naturally in the environment and in large doses is linked to serious health problems, the researchers write in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Follow the link for the full report:


Finally, a mother was told breastfeeding was not a good enough excuse to miss out on jury service. Aileen Robertson, from Aberdour, Fife, was upset when a court employee reportedly told her to ‘use a bottle’ and if she couldn’t, to get a doctor’s note as proof. She had notified them she was still breastfeeding son Isaac, who is seven months old, after initially getting an exemption for the same reason when he was born. Hmmm find out more information here: