Medela’s Muse on the News... March 2015!

March has been a big month for breastfeeding! Below we have a little round up of our favourite stories this month, feel free to get involved and comment on any of our top stories from March…

Muse on the News

Kourtney Kardashian, 35, isn’t shy when it comes to letting fans see her during intimate moments. The mother-of-three proudly shared a photo showcasing her Medela breastpump on March 21 while in Las Vegas with friends! Breastfeeding and proud!


São Paulo is the first city to pass legislation regarding breastfeeding in public. The law will fine any business or organization that prevents women from comfortably nursing in public. This ordinance follows street protests by lactating mothers who felt marginalized by prejudice in the community! Maybe this will catch on?!


A growing market in online sales of often contaminated human breast milk – fuelled in part by bodybuilders and adults with a baby fetish – poses a serious risk to public health, according to experts. Researchers from the University of London’s school of medicine and dentistry wrote an editorial in the British Medical Journal to warn of the dangers of buying breast milk online before their study was completed. The editorial says breast milk sold online should be screened for diseases such as hepatitis, HIV and syphilis.


Last but not least, it is our favourite breastfeeding story of the month, or possibly ever? A long-term study has pointed to a link between breastfeeding and intelligence. The research in Brazil traced nearly 3,500 babies, from all walks of life, and found those who had been breastfed for longer went on to score higher on IQ tests as adults. Experts say the results, while not conclusive, appear to back current advice that babies should be exclusively breastfed for six months. Need we say any more?