Muse on the News… May 2016

Well, as always it has been a month of fabulous and inspiring breastfeeding news stories. It was so exciting to see that everyone was talking about our very own campaign #TheBigBreastfeedingCafe and we’ve loved seeing some powerful breastfeeding photography. Here’s a round-up of the stories we enjoyed hearing this month!
Muse on the News
  1. This important photo series shows the reality of breastfeeding in public spaces.
  2. The best viral breastfeeding pictures we’ve EVER seen.
  3. LOOK: Breastfeeding flash mob titillates passersby in Fuzhou.
  4. Where are YOU feeding today? Mothers post photos of themselves breastfeeding everywhere from a waterfall to a wheat harvester cab as part of a new viral trend.
  5. Breastfeeding meet-ups get a big thumbs up! Mums share tea and advice in Britain’s biggest Breastfeeding Café initiative.
  6. Pop-up breastfeeding cafe celebrates choice in town.
  7. Mums united for a photo blog.