Medela’s Muse on the News - September

As always, breastfeeding has been a hot news topic this month... let’s recap!
Muse on the News
  • Breastfeeding 'could protect babies from autism' claim scientists behind new study. Research found babies with a gene mutation that put them at risk of the disorder were more sociable if they were suckled. Read more here.
  •  A photograph of 10 military women breastfeeding in their uniforms has gone viral, with people voicing their support for photographer Tara Ruby's attempt to normalise public breastfeeding - particularly for those on active duty.The picture has been shared almost 10,000 times and garnered support from a number of people both on Facebook and Instagram. Read more here.
  • A picture of a Tesco employee breastfeeding her poorly son while at work has caught social media users' attention.Victoria Williams, 25, from Uttoxeter, took the picture and uploaded it to Facebook to thank colleagues at the town's Tesco supermarket for their support. The post has gone viral and has so far received more than 105,000 likes. Read more here.
  • Tamara Ecclestone looks confident and powerful as she cradles and breastfeeds her baby girl, while wearing a tan suede coat with a black leather skirt for the cover of Fabulous Magazine.The Formula 1 heiress has become synonymous with breastfeeding of late, ever since she Instagrammed those “brelfies” of herself nursing adorable Sophia. Read more here.