#milkinthemoment – Our Campaign Supporting Self Care for New Mums in 2021

Our new #milkinthemoment campaign encourages new mamas to take some time for themselves and not feel pressured to be keeping busy all the time. Mums are already heroes and making milk is a superpower in itself, so mums should make time to relax! Whether it’s reading a book, indulging in the latest Netflix hit, or simply having a cuppa in peace (whilst pumping maybe!). Self-care for new mums is so important, yet so often overlooked, so we want to encourage our community in 2021 to literally be ‘milkin’ the moment’.


Breastfeeding and Pumping mamas - Join our virtual self-care campaign this year – launching 1st February!

Becoming a new mum can be a very busy and overwhelming time, with a little one to look after,  nourish and nurture endless household tasks and a stream of visitors wanting to meet the new arrival (albeit on a video call or socially distanced at the moment!), Self-care can understandably take a back seat.

However, we want to ensure you are all making time for yourselves and our new campaign #milkinthemoment encourages you to do just that! You are already a hero for bringing life into the world, not forgetting making milk is a superpower in itself - whether you’re breastfeeding, pumping exclusively or doing a combination, it can be all consuming.

When feeding you can enjoy the snuggles and precious memories being made, but when pumping it’s easy to think you should be doing something else… but why?! You should be ‘milkin’ the moment, you are flexing your milk-making superpower after all! Sit down, let someone bring you a cuppa and have a well-deserved moment of chill. It can be something as simple as flicking through a magazine you’ve been meaning to read, calling a friend you’ve been wanting to have a good gossip with for ages or catching up on the latest must-watch show! We want you to use those moments for yourself.

Multi-tasking may well be another superpower for the mums out there, but you don’t have to always be on the go. As a new mama, finding time in your day for self-care, a moment of calm for you, is just as important as finding time for everything else! And if you’re not pumping at all… just do it anyway! Milk’in the moments mum – we insist!

The pandemic has made it a challenging time for new parents, so now more than ever you need to ensure you are finding time to keep your mental health in check too – putting a small amount of time aside each day to do something for you might make all the difference.

Sound good to you? We’re inviting you to join mamas virtually from all over the UK on social media using the hashtag #milkinthemoment to really celebrate our new 2021 initiative! Share your self-care snap whilst pumping or breastfeeding with us on social media, you may even inspire other mamas to do the same!

We would love to see your photos of how you’ve chosen to spend your time, you can share them with us on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #milkinthemoment – our favourites will win one of our gorgeous Milkin’ It mugs!