Mothers milk, Everyday Amazing – 10 Facts You May Not Know About Breast Milk

We all know the many benefits of breast milk, but have you ever wondered exactly what makes up the wonder that is mother’s milk? We wanted to share some of the amazing facts you may not have known about breastmilk – we’re guessing some may even surprise you!

Here at Medela, we are so passionate about researching mothers milk and it’s many benefits. Mother’s milk truly is an amazing natural resource – it contains lifechanging properties for both mother and baby, with our busy researchers always discovering new and amazing facts about the liquid gold, we wanted to share a few facts which may surprise you!

10 Facts You May Not Know About Breast Milk
  1. After your baby is born, your breasts produce, on average, 10-50ml of milk during the first 24 hours after birth!
  2. Breastmilk is packed with nutrients and contains over 1000 proteins to help nourish baby
  3. An average breastfeed removes 67% of the milk in the breast – leaving a third for next time!
  4. The lactating breast uses up more energy than the brain!
  5. On average, three quarters of mums produce more milk with their right breast
  6. Breastfeeding burns 300-500 calories per day – so no need to rush to re-join the gym!
  7. Your milk supply adjusts in the first few weeks as your body learns how much milk your little one needs – your body really is amazing!
  8. Double pumping takes only half the time of single pumping!
  9. Your breasts will have extra milk in the morning – pumping after you nurse will ensure you get every last drop of your precious milk!
  10. Breastfed babies feed to appetite – so hungrier they are – more milk they will take!

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