#mybreastfeedingtip - Our Mum Community Share Tips in Support for New Mums Across the Country

We know that in these uncertain times, support for new mums who are just starting out breastfeeding is more important than ever, so we asked our wonderful online community of mums to share their tips and tricks that helped them with their breastfeeding journey.  Read on to see what our fabulous virtual community had to share…

We asked our wonderful mum community on Facebook and Instagram for their best breastfeeding tips to provide support for new mums who are maybe struggling with breastfeeding or are understandably, feeling a bit alone and or unsure during this challenging time.

We’ve had a great response so far but why not get involved over on our Facebook and Instagram pages?! Or of coruse, follow the #mybreastfeedingtip hashtag. We are sharing new tips every day, if you have one to share too, we’d love to hear it!

Stefanie (@steftear)

“The best advice I could give to any mama is take each day as it comes. You will definitely have days you think “I can’t do this anymore”. Those days will pass. I promise. I’ve had all too many of them. The easier days always come and you’ll forget about the bad ones.”

Katy Pape

“My breastfeeding tip……YES they can be hungry again! I remember thinking ‘she can’t possibly be hungry again!’ but yes, she most certainly was! Remember, they feed when they’re hungry, thirsty, tired, happy, sad, when they want a hug, a chat or even just some eye contact – there is no ‘normal’! Think about how often you need those things in a day, and you’ll understand why babies feed so much sometimes!”

Gill McKechnie

“This is tough…this is real breastfeeding! It’s hard, it’s tough and you will cry! However, you can get through it! 4 months down the line and I’m in a routine, my baby is a chunky monkey who refuses anything but the boob! Keep hydrated, eat well, make sure you have support when you need it, and just keep on boobing <3”

Hannah Caveney

“Know that you are doing amazing, even if you are finding it tough. The professionals are there to help and give advice so use them. Make sure you look after yourself too, the calmer you are, the easier it will be!”

Stacey Elston-McKnight

“Always have a drink within reach! Still feeding my almost 11-month-old and still get annoyed when I forget this!”

Nicola Longman

“Don’t give up. It can be tough at times, but so worth it. Ask for help if needed, and remember you’re not alone!”

Emma Needham

“Keep a bottle of water and snack in your change bag for you whilst feeding out and about”

Fiona McHardy

“The space in the nappy bag for bottles is actually for mummy snacks and treats! I always have some biscuits and Haribo in mine….don’t tell my partner!”

Kayleigh Wilson

“Buy a water bottle and drink drink drink! Don’t give up, it’s hard but worth it <3”

Charlotte Feather

“Don’t give up, keep going! Have a bottle of water and snacks close by whilst you’re feeding.”

Amy Libell

Never give up on a bad day. Remember, the nights are long but the years are short!”

Mel Thorp

Don’t give up and ask for help if you need it”.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful Mums for their words of wisdom! You can go to our Facebook and Instagram to share your breastfeeding tips too!