Mum, Nikki’s Breastfeeding Story

"After attending the breastfeeding session as part of my NCT class I was excited about the prospect of breastfeeding, especially after watching the video of the little baby crawling up his mothers stomach straight after he was born and latching on perfectly.

This blissful scenario was a little different after my little boy, Kobe, was born in May 2015. After my emergency C section I latched him on with a little help from the midwives and we seemed to be doing ok for the first day or so."

"Once at home and when I finally lay down on my memory foam mattress the fun began! Kobe wanted feeding every 2 hours but I couldn’t actually move. My husband was holding my screaming son whilst trying to winch me out of bed so I could sit up and attempt to latch him on. Needless to say that was a pretty long night and when the midwife came the next day she said to me that famous line that really stuck, “If you don’t feed him enough milk then you’ll have to go back in to hospital” – there I was thinking I was getting the hang of it.

She recommended I tried a manual breast pump and my husband hit the town to buy one. After a day of failed breast feeding and pretty much pumping all hours my wrists were killing I started my quest to find an electric pump online.

There she was… the Medela Double Swing Maxi, conveniently positioned on the John Lewis website. The following day once I got my hands on this contraption my Christmases had come at once.

Since day 3 I have exclusively pumped all my milk. For the first few days I pumped 4/5 times a day just to get my supply in but ever since then I’ve only pumped 3 times a day for about 35 minutes maximum per session. I pump first thing, lunchtime and last thing and can produce up to 40 ounces of milk in total (typically 6 ounces from each breast per session).

I saw online that ‘exclusive pumping’ is quite big in the USA but not so much here, hence why everyone is surprised I do it. For me, it’s more convenient, I know he’s getting the goodness of my milk and also I know exactly how much milk he is drinking per day which is great.

At my 6 week check my doctor was surprised I can pump that amount and said most people struggle to pump 3 ounces a day. I’m sure this is because I have pumped from the start and that I have used the double pump that Medela claims can produce 20% more milk. I also do not breastfeed at all.

I have one very happy, chubby little boy….

8 weeks in we have it sussed and long may it continue. Thanks Medela for giving me my new best friend, it’s worth every penny.

PS. Remember everyone is different though. There is no normal."

A huge thank you to Nikki Laker for sharing her Breastfeeding Story with us. If you would like to share your experience of breastfeeding on our blog please email our PR team on for further details. Thank you.