Mum to be spills her realities of pregnancy

This month we got chatting to our PR manager in the UK who is 33 weeks pregnant. She told us she was keen to do a post on the things every lady should be warned about before getting pregnant! So over to Lisa...

“There is no denying that finding out you’re pregnant is just wonderful – how clever are our bodies and the fact peeing on a stick is the deciding moment, yes or no, how easy it is to find out the fate of your future!

The excitement is overwhelming; despite being mixed with an underlying panic – how is it actually going to get out – being the one that has dominated my mind! It truly is a magical time with friends and family sharing in the special moment with you.

However… I have taken it upon myself to speak up about the real realities of pregnancy… don’t get me wrong I know how lucky I am to be pregnant and have a bundle of joy on the way… but please, someone needs to tells us women the truth about the changes to come and the things that will happen to our bodies. It would save my constant googling and panic that I may well be the only woman with these weird and wonderful quirks!

So we all know your bum gets big and your boobs balloon… in fact scrap that – everything grows… your bum, legs, your feet even… but what about the other bits:

The constant changeable state of mind… I do want a cup of tea, I don’t want tea… I am starving; no actually I don’t want dinner. I feel ok – oh god no I am going to be sick! Oh yes the sickness – but let’s not go there! We all know morning sickness will happen, you might be lucky, you might not be! But that goes hand in hand with Trimester one!

Irrational behavior is going to happen – however cool you think you are… you’ve been warned! My poor husband kindly bought me Fruitellas, sadly the chewitts I had requested were not available, pretty kind of him really but no, to me this was a crime of huge magnitude, how dare he bring Fruitellas when I wanted chewitts! This meltdown lasted the evening and I 100% know it was irrational!

Being full and then hungry in a matter of moments – yes, one minute I want the pasty, then I don’t… then I want three! It’s amazing how quickly you fill up, but how you can instantly feel hungry! Snacks will be your new best friend! Also you need to really be aware of how squashed your insides will feel – just think where your stomach once lived is now your baby!

Gas – of all kinds, coming from everywhere and anywhere! This needs no further explanation, but be aware and don’t let it worry you!

Snail like abilities, I mean everyone from the pensioners to the mums with 6 kids are over taking me on the walk to work! My husband keeps joking it is like watching me in slow motion – all the time! Getting out of bed, bending down (well let’s face it that is not possible after 7 months) making my breakfast – you name it you’ll be slow at doing it!

Gums – yes, how is this related I hear you cry – me too! But it does! Out of nowhere I have got sore and bleeding gums… and have been informed by my midwife dentist (and of course Google!) that this is totally normal and should go when the baby arrives. Read more here.

Pin cushion – this is what you will start to feel like every time you go to your midwife or hospital visits!

Personal space is a thing of the past – it doesn’t take long for your lovely bundle of joy to treat your rib cage in a not so lovely manner! As I type this my babies bum is wedged under my rib cage! Oh and they also do like to bounce on your bladder – for fun!

*you will also notice the general public lose sight of what is common place when you are carrying a bump! You’ll find yourself batting off passersby in Sainsbury’s who are keen to have a touch! This one is just plain odd and totally uncalled for!

Add to this the well meaning people who start telling you the do’s and don’t’s… as if I have not read every leaflet on it! And if one more person mentions baby brain I’m going to scream. I’ve always been forgetful, this is nothing new!

 You may also just forget you have a bump at times and keep banging it on things as well. Sorry baby!

And my goodness, once you hit 5 months say goodbye to being able to manage anything beauty related from the bump down… toe nails, shaving legs and the bikini line (which let’s face it we want in order before the inevitable trip to the hospital in a few months time!) Just be prepared and find out all the do’s and don’ts.

Oh and don’t be surprised if you can’t pick anything up off the floor anymore…or put your shoes on!

And last but not least – peeing… you will be a lot even when you don’t mean to, just get used to it!

All that said – in another 2 months I will have my very own little baby, a boy or a girl, who knows… but it will be all mine and my husband’s to care for and love and we cannot wait!"