20 breastfeeding tips for new mums, from mums

A few weeks ago we ran a competition asking people to share their breastfeeding tips – we were overwhelmed to receive more than 500 responses – these fabulous comments and hints and tips, which featured on 16.3.16, have provided hours of reading. It could never be used more perfectly than now to say Mums truly do know best…! Having spent a whole afternoon reading through them we realised we had to share some of our favourites on our blog… you lovely mummies sent us thoughtful and supportive content, wise words of encouragement and also just some blooming great, very handy tips.
Breastfeeding tips from mums

So here goes… over to the mums:

  1. If you're having any problems – seek help! I would never have managed without support from NHS trained staff, other mums, and La Leche League leaders. I am so glad I persevered!
  2. Also get Netflix for the early days of cluster feeding.
  3. Have a little box of all the things you might need beside you on the sofa, pick a seat and make it yours. So fill box with phone charger, snacks, tissues and plenty water, books and TV remote and just enjoy the long feed sessions and the cuddles xx
  4. My tip is listen to your body, your body nourished your baby for 9months every hard day your closer to when it will get easier so don’t give up, and never quit on a bad day and be kind to yourself
  5. My top tip – enjoy it! It's the most amazing accomplishment.. I love how chunky my boy is, all because of ME!!
  6. It's wonderful to breastfeed and fine not to. Persevere and rely on whatever support you have, but don't be disheartened if it comes to an end earlier than expected. I've found lying down helpful, as well as co-sleeping and lots of skin to skin in the early days.
  7. Don't think too hard about it, and don't be ruled by the clock.
  8. Top tip for breastfeeding: persistence is key! It will hurt, you will be sore, you will bleed, you will cry, you will want to give up. But don't!! You are not the only one who struggles.. It will only be for a few weeks, a short few weeks which may feel like a lifetime but it's not!!
  9. You can do this mommas.
  10.  It's hard work and takes determination, but when you have cracked it it's the best thing ever. Nothing can beat that feeling.
  11. Stay calm, relax, enjoy every moment and when you need a night off express with a Medela pump.
  12. Don't do it just because you feel pressured to. It's something to enjoy.
  13. Trust your judgement, feed your baby in whatever way suits you both and remember perspective, it will pass, the cluster feeding, sore nippls, sleepless nights and you'll yearn for it back.
  14. The eyes of your baby will guide and reward you!
  15. Stock up on nipple cream and drink lots of water 😀
  16. Let go of guilt. You are a good mum whether you breastfeed, bottle feed or combine the two. We are too critical of ourselves. Be as gentle to you as you are to your baby.
  17. If your struggling take it one feed at a time, it will get easier eventually. I watched clips on YouTube when I struggled with positioning, it really helped on days when i felt like I just couldn’t get it.
  18. Make sure you can reach the remote.
  19. Pillow on your lap, cloth by your side and some good telly box on.
  20. Sometimes baby and mummy need to grow together and learn together. Patience and love are invaluable.

    And finally – we just loved this one… thought and honest!
  21. It bloody hurts to start, power on through!

Thanks again mums, goodness you are so wise and these comments are just brilliant.