My Breastfeeding Experience – Mum, Farwah

We are so thankful to mum, Farwah, for sharing her honest and inspiring experience of breastfeeding.


“I had always wanted to gift my little bundle of the joy with the best start in life and was adamant on strictly breastfeeding her. However, when she arrived, it was not an easy journey for me. I am one lucky person to admit my birth went smooth and both me and baby were doing great.

But the situation changed when she would get up crying every hour and I could just not figure out what was happening. Back home, everyone insisted to bottle-feed her like they do.

There were many sleepless nights and teary as I never knew when she was full, plus I was all alone here in the UK. I consulted some breastfeeding lactation experts who did their very best to satisfy me but I was never 100% satisfied and I felt as if something was just not right. The greatest difficulty I had was feeding her when I was out and about. I remember trying some bottles and expressing some breastmilk using Medela’s Harmony manual breastpump but she never really did take to feeding from a bottle.

There were days I would be sore and bleed and it had a huge impact on my mood as well. I was facing terrible mood swings. But then, I found out a great tip. Cabbage leaves! Yes they really do help as well as nipple cream. Plus some paracetamol if the pain worsened. I found hot flannels also very soothing and feeding became much easier and tension free. I exclusively breastfed her for a year and then continued with cows milk as was suggested by the healthcare professional.

But fears apart, time really makes us learn. I agree she is not the fattest or chubbiest of kids but I am glad I continued with the struggle and she is a strong and healthy little girl. I loved every second of the great and precious bond we share and have some great memories which will last with us forever to cherish.

I would suggest other mums to carry on with their gut feeling and stop listening to others when it comes to baby raising. There is no definite way and only you know what is best for your baby!”

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