Introducing the New and Improved Purelan Lanolin Cream | Updated Formulation and New Support for Mums!

Just when you thought Purelan couldn’t get any better…introducing the new formulation, which has been specifically designed to provide safe, effective and natural relief for sore nipples and dry skin. The rich texture creates ideal conditions for natural healing and is safe for both mama and baby!

Many new mums suffer from pain or discomfort due to dry and cracked nipples when breastfeeding, so Purelan is here to provide relief! Now introducing a new and updated formulation, Purelan is 100% natural and gives fast relief for dry skin and those painful sore nipples.

Safe for both mum and baby, the 100% natural Lanolin cream’s new supple formulation aids the skin to absorb 210% water, creating the ideal condition for natural healing. Now even smoother and more pliable, the new Purelan formulation is super easy to pop on whenever (or wherever!) needed. 

Created for breastfeeding mums and nursing babies, Purelan is free from additives, preservatives, fragrances and parabens, meaning it’s totally safe for mums to apply and then breastfeed, the hypoallergenic formula means it’s suitable for sensitive skin too! An absolute essential for your breastfeeding journey!

Purelan creates a long-lasting skin barrier, which locks in the moisture within the skin and helps to support the healing process of your nipples, and its soothing properties make it the perfect accompaniment to breastfeeding. Sore nipples are protected thanks to its rich texture, providing a calming comforting barrier.

The cream glides on smoothly and stays in play for longer periods, meaning more time to work its magic! There’s also no need to remove before feeding, as it’s perfectly safe to use whilst breastfeeding, so you can use it before and after every feed (as well as in between!) to keep your skin hydrated.

Purelan also comes in a handy 7g tube, great for throwing in your changing bag or keeping in your bedside drawer so it’s there where you want it. You could even keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cool when you apply it.

Not only is Purelan ideal for breastfeeding, the gentle formulation also doubles as an effective lip balm or for use on any dry skin areas on mum or baby - it truly is mum’s best kept secret!

It’s also great to know that Purelan has been developed with eco-conscious mamas in mind, as the ingredients have a traceable supply chain and the main ingredient lanolin comes from natural sheep’s wool which is obtained and purified according to the highest industry standards.

You can get the new formulation Purelan here.