New Mothers: What Type of Mum are you?

When you become a mother, you will naturally meet lots of other parents. Although we are constantly told there is no normal when it comes to breastfeeding or parenting, there will be some mums that make you feel good about yourself …and others that you look at and just think ‘how do you do it!?’ 


Here is a little list of 5 types of mothers you are bound to come across as a parent. Which one are you?  

  1. The Sporty Mum - This is the enviable mum who may have had just 3 hours sleep, but will still be jogging with her buggy, or at the local mum fitness class with baby in tow; probably only weeks after giving birth.  

  2. The Immaculate Mum  - The title is a giveaway, but everyone has come across this mum, with her beautiful hair, cool clothes (without any baby sick on!) and even painted nails. How she achieves this, nobody knows! 

  3. Creative Mum - This mum has created a stunning scrap book of every detail of her child’s life. Everything she makes is cool and activities with her children are also crafty and fun! A great mum to learn from. 

  4. Opinionated Mum  - This mum will give you her opinion on EVERYTHING – why your child is not sleeping, eating, poo’ing; whether you want it or not. The best way to deal with this mum is to smile and nod. 

  5. Best Bud Mum  - A gem in the sea of mums! This is the mum you will laugh, share stories and have endless playdates with – not to mention the wine. Hold on to her for dear life – she will keep you sane.   

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