10 things not to say to a new parent!

You are a new parent. You haven’t had more than three hours straight sleep in months, and the bags under your eyes show it. You smell faintly of a mixture of poop and vomit, and you resemble someone who has been dragged through a hedge because you have been so busy keeping your baby clean and happy let alone have a shower yourself. So let’s imagine some of the things you really don’t want to hear right now…. Get your angry emoji’s at the ready people.
A mum saying no stop

For a bit of help, we turned to Facebook and asked our followers “What Not to say to a new Parent”  – Here are some of the replies we particularly enjoyed, plus a few others we have been sent!

  1. “Does he/she sleep through?” – Warning, say this at risk of getting strangled. This rule applies up until the baby is at least 2 years old, but to be safe, just never say it!
  2. “He/she looks hungry to me” – Particular no no for a breastfeeding mother.You may be met with tears, rage or a mixture of both. A lot of effort goes into breastfeeding, and this kind of comment should be followed up by exiting the area. Quickly.
  3. “Sleep when the Baby Sleeps” – Should I clean when the baby cleans and cook when the baby cooks too?!
  4. “Is he/She Good?”- They’re babies, of course they are good, they’re hardly planning world domination!
  5. “You’re making a rod for your own back” – Ahh that old chestnut. Quite often from people who don’t even have children! You want to be careful I don’t stick the rod I’m making where the sun doesn’t shine!
  6. “When are you due?” This one was apparently a month after the birth… oops!
  7. “When are you having the next one?” Hmm this pooping, crying, sleepless little mite is quite enough for now… and plus he’s only 8 weeks old.
  8. Baby dressed head to toe in pink “Ahh look at him how cute!” – Enough said.
  9. “He’ll sleep through if you give him formula” – This one is still doing the rounds.

    And finally, one just for the dads:
  10. Man in shop with his baby/child. “Ahh someone’s on babysitting duty?”- Nope. It’s called parenting not babysitting.

Well there you have it. Loads of stuff that you certainly shouldn’t be saying a new parent, at risk of getting a little more than an angry look!  Thank you to everyone who contributed and took part in this conversation on Facebook. You can follow our Facebook page if you don’t already and take part in our many fun/informative conversations, not to mention our monthly breastfeeding café!