My Breastfeeding Story: NICU, perseverance and Breastfeeding Milk Supply

Mum, Sophie shares her breastfeeding experience including her little one’s stay in NICU, a delay in her breastmilk coming in and expressing with a double electric breast pump.

Sophie breastfeeding her little one

My gorgeous little princess, Melody, was born 5 weeks early weighing a chunky 7.7lbs. It wasn't the best pregnancy (14 hospital admissions and 2 false starts!), nor was it the best delivery. She didn't breathe the first 3.5 minutes and was rushed around to the NICU during my emergency C Section. 

“I just wanted to be able to give my little one what she needed.” 

Due to my Type One Diabetes my breastmilk didn't come in for four days, but every day I would walk around to the NICU, sit in the breastfeeding room and hook myself up to their Medela Symphony Double Breast Pump. Every three hours, for four days, I worked on getting my milk supply. I didn't care that I'd just had major surgery or that I was in immense pain. I just wanted to be able to give my little one what she needed. 

We practiced latching on the day before my milk came and it broke my heart to see how upset my baby was that she couldn't get what she needed from me. I cried every night when I got back to the ward.

But boy, when it came in, it came in! I went into the breastfeeding room like normal and sat down with my cup of tea, not expecting much. 250mls later, I ran back into the reception area and was crying with joy! Melody was over the moon and feasted until she fell asleep in my arms. 

It's been three months since little one’s arrival and honestly, I'm so glad I pushed myself to breastfeed. It would have been so easy to stay in bed and not express, but my own stubbornness was definitely my saviour. I love the mum and baby bond it's created for me and Melody, the ease and the cost! I've not felt ashamed once for breastfeeding, finding that most people and places respect the decision and just leave me to it. 

I am so proud of myself for reaching three months of breastfeeding. Especially when I could have quit before I started.

Thank you to mum, Sophie, for sharing her breastfeeding experience. If you would like to share your breastfeeding story please email,

Sophie-Leanne Rose My Breastfeeding Story 12 Feb 19