Normal breastfeeding continued…

We’ve already shared a few of the breastfeeding stories mums wrote, but given they were so popular and interesting to read, we wanted to bring you a few more. Do you have breastfeeding story you would like to share?
Mum and baby

‘If you were to take a glance at my internet history this time last year, I think 80% of the Google queries would be about breastfeeding. Before becoming a mother, one of my biggest concerns was about feeding Tibbs. I knew I was going to give breastfeeding a shot, but I had serious doubts that I’d manage it. If I’m honest, I couldn’t imagine it being in any way emotionally or physically pleasurable. I have quite a large chest too, and I was concerned this would have a negative effect.’

Breastfeeding - there is no normal. And that's normal. I don't know if it's because I'm a first-time mum, or particularly neurotic or a bit of both, but I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about what's 'normal'. As if there's some benchmark of child normality and if my daughter doesn't fit that, then I must be doing it all wrong. Now that I've had a bit more practise at parenthood, I can usually quash these worries with the silent mantra, "It's normal for her." Eleanor is very much her own special person, and she's all kinds of ace, so who cares if she's not like another child her age? But when she was a baby, when that brilliant personality wasn't quite popping out yet, when all I had to go on was her weight and nappy habits, I was always anxious about whether she was 'normal', by which I mean whether I was doing it 'right'.’

‘I’m not going to lie, breastfeeding was not easy for me to get started with and it has been problematic at times even as an old hand! After just a couple of days with my first baby my nipples felt (and looked) like they might be about to drop off, I later got mastitis and was so ill I just didn’t think I could carry on, then I had to express for hours on end…

It was a fight but one which I won and one which I am so pleased I had the gumption to enter into – even though at times I have cursed it and wished just for a second that I didn’t have to do it. For me, my long and extended breastfeeding journey is one of the best things I have ever done! I have been breastfeeding for nearly four and a half years with no breaks, have tandem fed and only stopped feeding my eldest child Florence when she self weaned at 3 years and 8 months. My 2 year old son Jimmy is showing no signs of giving it up yet either!

So… This is my breastfeeding tale…’