Nursing Baby Through the Night

For many breastfeeding mums, looking back at night feeds is an incredibly special memory, a time for just you and your baby to bond and spend time together in the quiet, peaceful and stillness of night. However, there is no doubt that nursing baby through the night can also be difficult as you’re not only adapting to life as a new parent but also a general lack of sleep and rest! We asked our wonderful community of mums for their top tips on coping with the night feed to help offer a little mum to mum support...
Nursing baby through the night
  • A  little bit of chocolate’ – Mum, Jade
  • Don’t make the room too bright. A lamp or light from the TV is enough. Baby becomes too awake otherwise.’ – Mum, Katrina
  • Lots of pillows!’ – Mum, Charley
  •  'Low light and feeding just as they stir so still sleepy’ – Mum, Claire
  • Relax and enjoy it with a glass of water.’ – Mum, Gabriela
  • Use WhatsApp to keep in touch with other night feeding Mummies. #weareallinthistogether
    – Mum, Rachel
  • Lots of pillows and my phone to try and keep me awake.’
    – Mum, Becky
  • Lots of pillows, my phone, my kindle and embrace it. It’s hard work and draining, sometimes you feel like giving up but they aren’t small forever – gets me through every time.
    – Mum, Aleacia

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